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Providing Insights on Rates from Canada's Leading Banks and Credit Unions

    • Servus
    • Coast Capital Savings
    • Bank of Montreal
    • CIBC
    • First West Credit Union
    • Vancity

Optimize Your Rates with Comprehensive Insights

Our daily reports offer everything you need to stay ahead in the market, complete with detailed analysis and actionable insights.

In-Depth Mortgage & GIC Comparisons

Evaluate how your mortgage and term deposit products measure up against competitors.

We utilize advanced technology to capture and validate the latest rates, ensuring our data is accurate and reliable.

Daily Summary Updates

Receive concise summaries of market changes every day to keep you informed.

Stay up-to-date with a snapshot of daily market movements, delivered each morning for quick insights and in-depth analysis.

Extensive Data Reports

Access weekly comprehensive data sets, providing all the information your analysts require.

Integrate our extensive data with your systems or leverage it through our expert analysts for actionable insights.

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